A transparent justice community is a major and core element in the success of every nation. At the local and international level, a country’s transparency is rated on how efficient justice is accessed and delivered to the people and businesses. CrimsonLogic’s legal products is able to eradicate problems (i.e. from case management to delays in the delivery of judgment) that plagued traditional judiciaries.

Projects Hightlights

Integrated Electronic Litigation System (eLitigation)

CrimsonLogic implemented the world’s first nationwide paperless civil litigation system – Electronic Filing System (EFS) for the Singapore Judiciary in 1997.
Recognising the importance of keeping the system relevant and flexible to meet the ongoing demands, the Judiciary has taken the next step to harness modern technologies and extend the capabilities of EFS with the implementation of the eLitigation.
eLitigation leverages on content management systems and e-form technology to offer law firms and Court users a single access point for commencement and active management of case files throughout the litigation process. The system also provides functionalities and related services that streamline the litigation process, thereby helping to improve efficiency and enhance access to justice.
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Singapore Titles Automated Registry System (STARS)

STARS is a computerised land and titles registration system administered by the Registry of Titles and Deeds. It enables lawyers to seek property information on owners, encumbrances, instruments and caveats conveniently online. STARS frees users from the need to physically visit the agency office to gather the required information and also enables lawyers to provide speedier and more efficient eJustice services to its clients.
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LawNet (Legal Portal)

CrimsonLogic developed and operates LawNet – a one-stop legal portal for the Singapore Academy of Law since 1992. LawNet is a strategic legal information and communications network that provides users with a quick and convenient way to retrieve accurate legal information electronically. It provides lawyers and Courts with a single link to multiple services, enabling convenient filing of document sand fast up-to-date information retrieval anytime. Today, 90% of lawyers in Singapore subscribe to LawNet as their main source of legal information and eJustice transactions.
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Electronic Filing System – MIS Innovation Awards, 2003

Awarded by MIS Asia Magazine

Inaugural National Infocomm Award, 2002

Awarded by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore for Electronic Filing System

Singapore Electronic Filing System - World’s First Nationwide Paperless Civil Court System

Awarded by Journal of the Queensland Law Society, 2000